organic edible cactus, Nopalea grande




Easy nopal spineless cactus leaf prep video

Have you ever thought about eating cactus but didn't know where to begin?
Well, we're here to help you out.
Our cactus leaves are very easy to prepare for the stove.

All you need is a scouring pad and a paring knife.
The scouring pad is used to gently wipe the leaf down,
the paring knife is to trim the edges.

Then the cactus can be diced and added raw to other foods,
or cooked with other foods.

Cactus has been a staple of many of the tribes of the Americas for millenia.
It is  an environmentally-friendly crop with a small carbon footprint, and low resource use.

Cactus has a reputation for being healthy...
and is even considered a 'Superfood' by many people.

We sell as little as two-pound boxes of spineless cactus, so you can find out about cactus.
And we sell as much as two tons at a time, so if you really like it  a lot, we can send you a ton.