Raw Freshly-Picked And Shipped Edible Cactus, From Two Pounds To Several Tons
Rivenrock Gardens Organic Edible Cactus
An organically certified edible and landscape cactus farm. Located on the California Central Coast, shipping virtually spineless cactus plants. Check us out on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter
  • Growers Of Edible Nopal Cactus
  • Certified organic through CCOF since 1993
  • Recipes and nutrient information
  • Shipping to all fifty US states
Family-Owned And Operated Small Farm, Specializing In Edible Cactus.
We've been certified organic by CCOF since 1993. We grow edible cactus on the Central Coast and share it with the entire USA in lot sizes from two pounds up to several tons at a time. Our cactus is supreme for gourmet uses by home cooks and restaurants, it's sold in health food stores and is used as an ingredient in cosmetics and animal feeds including tortoises which especially love themCalif Organic Registration 40-0405
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Rivenrock Gardens
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